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Tahoe vs Explorer

ONE: My cousin is willing to sell me his 1998 Ford Explorer XLT with a 5 speed manual transmission and 4wd. He claims it is the stock V8 they put in the mustangs but I have done my research and can’t find a model thats a V8 with 4wd anywhere. He doesnt really know what he’s talking about when it comes to cars. Anyways, its in pretty damn good shape, it has a little over 99,000 miles. Their are no issues apparent to me. I drove it, and it drives really well. I totally understand that these cars are NOT good on gas, but heres the catch: He is willing to sell it to me for only 1500. He is a trustworthy guy, and he is family. He is only the second owner. He is only selling it because he got a new truck, and does not drive it. I drive very little just to school and back, and I would like to take it to Tahoe, and maybe 4 wheeling down at Pismo Beach. I have read mixed reviews on this model, but it seems to be decent. I just need something reliable, 4wd, and some room to get my drums around.

TWO: I have seen quite a few early to mid 90’s Pathfinders on Craigslist for sale. I really do like the look, and like the reviews on them ever more. They are roomy, and extremly reliable. They are pretty good on gas as well. Best of all, they are semi affordable. BTW, I cannot pay much more than 2000 for a car. Part time job and being a student living on my own doesnt allow me to purchase a brand new car right now. The only issue with the majority of the pathfinders I am seeing is that they typically will have 200,000 miles or more on them within this price range. I do not have the time or the money to have the engine overhauled anytime soon, and I don’t want to risk this being a problem.

So I am just looking for opinions and/or ideas. Keep in mind that I want something that isn’t too bad on gas, I want a stick shift, 4wd, and best of all, affordable. My 82 Volvo just isnt cutting it anymore. While it is reliable, I need something with a little more power, and 4wd. I am not too excited on owning a ford, as I was raised with a family who hated american cars, but I may be willing to give this a shot.

Let me know.

A: 98 Ford Explorer

Transmission & Driveline
Moderate Problems A general problem with this vehicle is with the 4 Wheel Drive System. This can result in a loss of 4 Wheel Drive operation. The failures are not specific to any one part. Therefore the $ cost of repairs will vary

Moderate Problems Occasional problems on this vehicle are failures of the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor, the Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) Sensor and the Intake Manifold Gaskets and front Timing Chain Tensioner, 4.0L VIN E engine only. The cost to repair the MAF Sensor is estimated at $200.00 for parts and $26.00 for labor. The cost to repair the DPFE Sensor is estimated at $52.00 for parts and $32.50 for labor. The Intake Manifold Gaskets and front Timing Chain Tensioner are covered under a recall up to 72,000 miles. If the vehicle is past the allowable mileage for the recall, the cost to repair the Intake Manifold Gaskets and front Timing Chain Tensioner is estimated at $45.00 for parts and $130.00 for labor. All prices are estimates based on $65 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax.

Q: how much more do SUVs weigh than pickups?
If they are similar (chevy tahoe vs. silverado) (s10 vs. blazer) (ranger vs. explorer)

And how does this affect their mpgs?

A: They are heavier, usually by a couple hundred pounds then a similar vehicle. But a Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Long Bed will weigh more then a Chevy Tahoe and more similar to a Suburban.

To be honest though, the fuel mileage really doesn’t change much because the SUV’s are more aerodynamic then their truck counter parts. That’s why a truck with a tonnu cover get’s a bit better mileage then a non covered truck bed.

The Explorer and Ranger are pretty different then each other now, as the Ranger’s Frame and the Explorers frames are very different. The Current Explorer is larger then the Ranger which has basically remained unchanged say for updates since the 80’s.

My old Consumer Reports Buying Guide for the 2002 model year showed the Suburban accelerating FASTER to 60 then a lighter Silverado with the same 5.3 Motor and Auto Tranny in each.

But to be honest, their fuel economy for any body on frame SUV or truck ***Except the 4 cylinder ranger*** Is going to be in the teens.


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