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Accord vs Civic

A: I have both: a 2001 Accord Ex V6 and a 2004 Civic LX. The Civic is a much better choice when it comes to mileage, style and price. I get 30 Hwy 34 City. The accord, unless you get the lower models: the V4 engines, the civic is a nice car.

Q: What is the size stats on the 1989 Honda Accord vs 2006 Honda Civic? The New Civic seems just as big.?

A: Dimensions for
I can’t go back to 1989 but I do have the info on the 1990 which I belive was identical. You are right in that the new Civic is almost as big. The new Civic is about 8 inchhes shorter but it is 1″ wider and 2″ higher. They are very comprable in size.

here’s the specs from the service manuals

1990 Accord–2 and 4 door:
overall length 184.8 inches (4695 mm)
width 67.9 inches (1725 mm)
height 54.7 inches (1390 mm)

2006 Civic 4-door
Overall length 176.7
Width 69.0
Height 56.5

hope that helps

Q: Civic Vs. Accord Vs. Camry Vs. Corolla. Which would anyone recommend between the 4?

A: I love my honda civic hybrid .. they’re cute and they’re good on gas .. espically with the way gas is going up .. lol .. but yea i love my honda civic hybrid ..

Q: 08 Honda Accord Coupe vs Honda Civic Si vs Mini Coop S?
I’ve finally broke it down to these 3 cars and i cant really choose between them too hard to choose : /

A: What do you want in a car? Is it for daily driving? Does handling matter more or comfort?

I sat in the new accord coupe the other day…it’s pretty nice. If you want a daily driver that can take you to work and back in sporty comfort, get the accord.

If you’re looking for something more sporty and value better handling characteristics, go for the lighter vehicles, the civic or mini.

If maintenance costs are an issue, go for the civic.

Can’t say too much about the mini since I have no personal experience with them.

Edit: BTW, if you were planning on getting a V6 engine for the accord, it’s a SOHC. The four cylinder engines for the accord coupe and civic si are DOHC. In case that means anything to you.

Q: Civic vs Accord?
Would you get a civic ex or an accord lx. Why?

A: They are two different classes of cars in size, so it all depends on what youd use it for.

Personally, id go for the civic. The civic boasts a sporty drive, and roomy interior, roomy enough to comfortable seat four, but not as roomy as the accord. It has better gas milage, and when driving it, it has less body roll. The biggest thing would probably be the price difference, since the civic is alot cheaper

Q: Honda Accord V6 vs. Civic Si?
I’m almost 17 and I’ve been driving around for quite some time now in an older Honda and I’ve been looking to upgrade to either a Civic Si or a Honda Accord Coupe.
Although I’m mesmerized by the Civic Si, I think it may be lacking a little bit in power and my parents are concerned with its size so they suggested the Accord Coupe.
As much as I like the stylings of the Accord, I think the base 2.4L engine is pretty underpowered and I think the 3.5L V6 is much more of a fun car.
However, the decision isn’t so much up to me as it is up to my parents and I don’t they’re both really conservative people who don’t really find cars to be fun or useful beyond the concept of transportation.

Basically, I want to know how to convince my parents that the V6 Accord Coupe is a better car than the standard 2.4L Coupe although it’s way more expensive.

A: horsepower is what you brag about, torque is what you feel. a civic does not have torque. accord on the other hand has small gobs of it. whoever said the v6 engine is crap, import v6s are made for speed and hauling ass, they compete with our v8s, most often we got a dogfight.

accord has much more respect than the slowly civic, both of them will last practically forever, both are good on gas, despite the accord will be hard on gas compared to the civic. i drove a 4 cyl accord it was a fun drive despite me not owning it.

if its up to your parents, they really aint no way for you to win. save your own dough and maybe do a motor swap. i know parents.. they want your first car to be a slow family car.

Q: Honda Accord 08 vs 99 Civic?
The civic has a b16 and a intake.
stock honda accord 2008 (4 door.sedan NOT coupe)

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Q: Honda accord vs Honda civic project car?
The car will be a five speed v tek engine upgrade I plan of doing as of now are intake exhaust headers ecu and maybe a turbo but if there any upgrades you recomend post them aswell as the car year and model

A: If you have a V-Tec Car, just get your self a V-Tech Controller, go for Apexi or Grredy only. Get the xast from the front of the car to the end 3 or 3.5inch. try not to go in for the turbo as you will have to get the pistons changes for better performance or otherwise the car will Lag big time. change the Air Filter for better air intake, there is lot you can do for speed, let me know if you need any further help.
check this link:

Q: Toyota Camry LE VS Honda Civic/ Accord?
My husband got into an car accident,and our VW Passat was totaled, we are not ready to put in that much money in the same car again.
So now we are looking at other options – We went dealers and test drove Toyota Camry, Honda Civic/Accord. Based on that we both are more driven towards camry, but is it a good one, or is there anything else better around the same price range!
Or is it just advisable to buy a old 2000 model Nissan Altima with 53k miles for $ 6500….please help me out ppl like you always have..
Thanks soooo much for your time!

A: get the camry LE, it has great appearance, comfort, performance and its dependable. it’ll last you years to come.

Q: New accord euro vs Honda civic sport?
Can the new Honda accord euro sedan (Australian model) be able to beat the Honda civic sport sedan (Australian model), in a 0-100kmh sprint???

A: mmm… SS or GT? i think SS has it all the way!!!! DUDE seriously RICE????

Q: camry v6 vs. honda accord or civic?
Im getting a new car soon. I want a good daily driver car, but one that has the power I need when I want it. And I want a good aftermarket supply of performance parts.Should I get a toyota Camry 3.5 v6, a coupe accord v6 or an Si Civic?

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Q: Honda civic/accord (2010) vs Acura tsx (2008)?

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Q: 98 Accord V6 Sedan Vs.07 Civic Si Coupe?
Can it keep up with the Civic?
If the Accord has exhaust & intake & the Civic is stock, if that matters.

A: The Si would definitely win.

The Accord is a Sedan – a family car. The Si is lighter (it’s a coupe).

It won’t be able to keep up with it from the beginning if that’s what you mean.

Exhaust and intake doesn’t do anything, sorry. It doesn’t magically give you more horsepower – only frees restricted power.

Q: Honda Civic coupe 2008 vs Honda Accord coupe 2008?
The Civic is cheaper so I figured with the extra money I’d use it to fix it up, However the accord seems bigger….Which one would be better??

A: the civic is a nice car with some power but if your looking for a car that is durable and luxurious then get the accord in my opinion get the accord

Q: Honda Civic EX vs. Honda Accord EX vs. Honda Prelude VTEC?
Which car is the best in terms of speed and handling?

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