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Tacoma vs Ranger

A: Toyota ALL the way.

Q: ford f-150 vs ford ranger vs toyota tacoma vs nissan frontier?
im looking for something cheap that gets decent mileage, and reliability, i own a 89 ford mustang, over 250k miles, still works good, so i rely on that info about ford. which ones the best?

A: I owned a ford f150 and loved it. It ran forever without any problems. The only thing I needed to replace was the tranny at 128,000 miles, other then that, I did not have any abnormal repairs. So I am a fan of the F150 from personal experiance and it gets very good reliability and repair history ratings from consumer reports and jd power. The Toyota Tacoma is also a awesome truck as far as reliability and repair history. To be honest with you, even though I am a huge Ford fan and Ford is my favorite car maker, if I could have any truck for free I would take the Toyota. I feel though, that the F150 is the best buy for the money and if I had to buy a truck with my hard earned money, I would buy the F150.

Q: Toyota Tacoma vs. Ford Ranger?
Just wonderin which one is better. Lookn for my first ruck.(im just a teenager). Which one is better used?

A: I bought a Toyota new, drove it 180,000 miles. Never any problem.
Bought a new Ford 2 Years ago and I am going back to the Toyota. The Toyota runs like a watch.

Q: chevy s10 vs ford ranger vs toyota tacoma?
i am 17 wanting to buy first truck used most likely on craigslist. whant it to be a good truck for off road work . pros and cons for all would be very useful. dont want to spend to much. still in highschool.

A: toyota tacoma 100%.. its a toyota so it will last you forever. pre 2003 fords, if you ask me, are crap. and the chevy s10 is the smaller of the three. if it were up to me I would go for the tacoma
hope i helped

Q: toyota tacoma vs chevrolet s-10 vs ford ranger?
i am going to be getting one of these trucks for my first vehicle and i need to know which will give me less problems and good mpg and which is overall the better choice

A: If price were no object, I would go for the Tacoma. But I would not overlook the other two either, despite the general consensus that American vehicles are crap, I have seen several 4 cyl. Rangers go well over 250,000 and my father has a 98′ S-10 with the 2.2L 4 cyl and a 5-speed that’s pushing 340,000 with only having to replace the clutch and fuel pump, both lasting almost 300,000. Fuel economy will be comparable between all three models. I would recommend you take a look at all three and see which one best fits your needs and price range and go from there, if you take care of whatever you buy it should last you a long time.

If you’re buying a new vehicle, the S-10 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Colorado.

Q: Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma?
Which is a better overall product? Considering fuel, comfort, space, durability, and mpg.

A: i like the tacoma better

but id rather have a dodge ram 1500

Q: Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier: Your Opinion?
I own Toyotas and Nissans in the past and currently. Very reliable vehicles and I drive them to the end of their life. I have been look at to small trucks for awhile. The New Tacoma and Frontier: crew cab, short bed. Both are really nice trucks and very similar with 4.0L V6. It’s hard to decided.

Tacoma Pros: Nice seats and Interior, More leg room, Toyota Quality
Cons: Hard to read gauges, Plastic front bumper, Oil filter location

Frontier Pros: Bose system, Nice dash layout, Chrome bumper,
Cons: Less leg room, Flat body line, Rubbery center console.

I’m perfectly happy to own either trucks. Both are priced similar and I don’t care much for resale value. Plan to get 4-doors and install leveling kit with larger wheels and tires. What is your opinion on these two trucks?

Reason for other trucks: Chevy Colorado: No V6, Ford Ranger: No Crew Cab, and Dodge Dakota: Not a dodge fan (sorry)

A: I don’t think you can go wrong with either, personally, but as I read your question, I get the impression that you are leaning toward the Tacoma.

If the best things you can say about the Frontier are the ‘Nice Dash layout, Bose System and Chrome bumper’, then the Tacoma is your truck.

Q: Chevrolet Colorado vs. Toyota Tacoma?
I’m about to finance a new truck. I’ve considered a Toyota Tacoma 6cyl. with 236 hp. vs Chevrolet Colorado 5 cyl. with (242 hp) or the Chevy Colorado with a V8 coming out in 2009 with a 300hp 5.7

Which do you think? The colorado seems to be the most powerful but the Tacoma is bigger and would probably be more comfortable.

Please no “Ford Ranger” answers cause I have one and it sucks.

A: consumer reports, motor trend (truck trend), car and driver have all rated the tacoma MUCH better than the colorado for drive, comfort, off road ability and everything… CR and JD Powers rates the tacoma better for reliability by a long shot as the colorado is the lowest rated compact truck onthe market in that regard.

but for my money, i’d check out the nissan frontier. better off raod than the tacoma (by virtue of front and rear lockers, not just rear), available 6 speed in every configuration, 270 hp with the v-6. and depending on which place you ask it’s either right in front of or right behind the toyota in overall drive and reliability. plus, with discounts it’s 4-6K cheaper for the same features as the tacoma… which is WAY overpriced.

Q: chevy s10 vs ford ranger?
which is better? i want one of the 4 cylinder models so i have the highway mpg. which is better? reliability and strength wise. i know the 4 cylinder wont be too strong but i only need it to carry about 5-600 lbs once a month or so for a few hundred miles or so. i also like the tacoma and Nissan but they are out of my price range (3-4k). so which is better?

A: General Motor is better by far out!

I have been working in autos since 35 years ego..and I am rich ,repairing Fords…. F ix O r R epair D aily

for every 20 fords there it comes a chevy for repairing.


Q: Which Car Should I Get…?
I Have 7000 That I Saved Over The Past 4 Years. Along With The Sale Of My Passport I Have 11,000 Thousand To Spend.

I Need A New Car. To Get Me From College To Home (15-18 miles a day)

Ive Come Down To Between A Car Vs A Truck (4×4)

The Choices Are Ford Ranger Vs Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150 Vs Silverado 1500, Dodge Charger Vs Mustang, And Honda Civic Vs Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I Do Al ot Of Traveling (especially in the winter & summer), And A lot Of Off Roading.
To AsYLum dRiVeR

Funny Story, I Had A Van, But It Broke Down. And White One Too. With A Sign That Read Free Candy!
To Um, Space Ghost?!

That Car Looks Kinda Low, At Least At The Pictures I Look At, Wouldn’t It Get Stuck Going Under Some Shallow Water Or Rocks?

A: I think it comes down to how long do you plan to keep the car/truck you are about to purchase?

Depending on how long you plan to keep it, you need to look at it this way too, ‘Foreign’ vs ‘Domestic’. Foreign cars, even if produced in the USA, get better resale value than others.

If you can see yourself driving a truck for the next 2-6+ years, then by all means get a truck. However, if you think you will get tired of a truck and may need more passenger room later down the road … the possibilities are almost endless.

If I had to choose a truck, it would be the Toyota Tacoma or the Ford F-150. My boyfriend has a 94 4X4 ‘before’ they became the ‘Tacoma’ and it hasn’t given him a days trouble. My father had an F-150 and I loved driving it.

If I had to choose a car, the Honda Civic does not belong in the group with the others. Sorry, but it doesn’t. I would choose the Charger or the Eclipse.

Good luck on your buy.

Q: Subaru Outback… A decent alternative? Thoughts/ideas?
I’m looking for a smaller work truck- My intial thought was something like a Toyota Tacoma 4wd, etc, something little like that, with some nice 30′-ish tires so I could go where I need to.

However, there are alot of things keeping me from these, and all of them seem to be made up for by the Outback.

Is there anything keeping me from getting a Ranger, S-10, or Taco a few years old vs. an Outback? I need something with 4wd and a bed that isn’t a gas hog and is compact. What should I look out for or consider?

I realize that the load capacity and overall 4wd ability will be decreased in the Outback, but I can work with that.
Are there any fundamental reliability problems? Parts prices differences? is my idea that “it rides like a car but can haul like a truck” based on false assumptions?

I’m asking cuz my F-250’s a gas hog, I need a grocery getter i can haul stuff in the back of… and go off into sand or mud if necessary (I’m a rancher, it’ll be necessary sooner or later.)

A: I was going to say yes until you said you were a rancher. The Outback will not haul much weight, and it will not stand up to the abuse most farmers/ranchers will give a pickup. Then again, neither will a Ranger or a Tacoma. Maybe keep the F-250 and get something cheap with good mileage to run to town in?

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